A perfect blend of Competitive Education and Skills Development

Why you

Need for this Program?

  • To Adapt the School Curriculum according to the NEP
  • To Prepare students for Competitive Exams
  • To develop their Personality and Soft Skills
  • To save valuable time for Self-Study
  • To save the money and the hassle Parents undergo due to current Education structure
  • To make School a one stop Destination for all the Essential Skills a student needs to develop

Features of this Program


[Competitive Exam Coaching & Improved Learning]
  • Works in parallel with the school syllabus and enhances the learning experience of every student
  • Prepares student for competitive exams and application based problems


[Sports and Soft Skills Integral Nurturing]
  • Provides training in various Indoor and Outdoor Sports with state of the art Equipments, Grounds and Coaches.
  • Provides experienced instructor for various Arts like Dance, Music, Painting etc.
  • Provides Nurturing for Soft Skills Development like Communication and English Speaking and writing

Details regarding the Day Boarding Program

General Structure

  1. This Program will be conducted from 2.30 pm to 5 pm from Monday to Friday

  2. There will be 2 periods of 1 hour each with two 15 min breaks for before each period

  3. A canteen will be placed in School that will provide healthy food


  1. Multiple Sports Facilities like practice nets and Ground for Cricket, Archery, Track and Field, Skating, etc. will be constructed on School Premises.

  2. Experienced Coaches will be provided for each and every sport.

  3. Instructors will be provided to teach students in the arts of Dance, Music, Instruments, Fine Arts


  1. The Classes of Competitive Exam Coaching will focus on Teaching students on how to apply the knowledge and solve challenging problems

  2. School teachers will be instructed on how to conduct these classes

  3. e-teach Academy Application will be provided to students that will have all the required tudy material like Video Lectures, Notes, e-book and practice papers on Maths, Science and Logical Reasoning

C.E.C.I.L. in Details

  • Think about the time students and money every parent spent in Tuition Classes and Transportation
  • The most common issues students have regarding their studies is that they don’t have time for self-study
  • With this program we can save the time for students so that they can utilize it for self-study and revision and we can also save money that parents spent in the transportation as the school becomes a one stop destination for all the academics.
  • Year around there are various competitive and scholarship exams like Olympiads, KVPY, NSTSE, AMTI etc. conducted by various reputable organizations.
  • Our plan is to make students prepare thoroughly for these exams and make them appear in as many of them as possible
  • This would install the mindset required to crack tough entrance level exams like JEE, NEET, NATA, etc. in students from an early age.
  • The whole program is designed and supervised by Mr. Shubham Borkar who is an IITian graduated from IIT Delhi and mentored by Dr. Sushant Chandawar who is a MD from GMC, Nagpur.
  • All the Educators involved in this program will be trained under their watchful eyes in order to provide as much Academic development for students as possible

S.A.S.I.N. in Details

  • Currently there are many Infrastructure Development tasks undertaken by the School management.
  • For the upcoming session we are going to install State of the art facilities and clubs for sports like
    • Cricket
    • Archery
    • Track and Field
    • Throwball and Handball
    • Skating
  • Facilities for indoor sports like Chess, Table Tennis, Carrom are also developed in the School
  • Rooms are being developed for arts like Dance, Music, Musical instruments, Painting where Experienced Instructors will be hired to teach and guide students
  • A lot of importance is given to developing Communication and writing skills which will install confidence and develop the personality of students

Final Remarks

  • This initiative is only possible with the help of Parents and School Management
  • Thus we welcome all the ideas and suggestions you have regarding any of the program’s features
  • we are continuously refining and developing our infrastructure, designing the proper structural hierarchy and training the educators, instructors and coaches involved in this program
  • We hope you see the good we are dedicated to do for student’s future and help us along for the rest of our journey together