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School Automation Software is specially invented for the entire school management process to maintain all school activities with a single click.

Learning At One Click

Educating aspirants at the place they want is a new trend instead of the traditional classroom environment. Education from home offers a range of benefits, including potentially higher exam and test score and the ability to learn at a more controlled pace. It allows students to learn about subjects in multidirection. Students can focus on subjects they excel in or find interesting in order to improve their skills and understanding.

Why eTeach Academy?

For best education students have to go to subject expert distance apart. The platform provides best faculty under one roof.

Why eTeach Academy?

Multidimensional Platform

The eTeach platform is child centered, parent centred, teacher centered and company centered.


eTeach Cycle

We believe that student should know more and more about less and less. Keeping this in mind, the curriculum is divided into smaller fragments called concepts. Unique eTeach cycle enables student to learn topics step by step.


How the concept is shaped?

  • Step 1: Student will watch and understand real time video.
  • Step 2: Student will map the knowledge with standard study material.
  • Step 3: Students will clear their doubts in live sessions with subject experts.
  • Step 4: The shaped concept is tested with offline mock test. (Model answers are provided after exam)
  • Step 5: Students will appear for online test.
  • Step 6: Declaration of result.If positive then proceed to concept 2 and if negative switch back to concept 1 and follow all above steps.

Quality Study Material & Question Bank

  • • The study material is made keeping in view JEE/NEET exams.
  • • It covers all the topic of curriculum of JEE/NEET.
  • • The question contains around 80,000 questions which covers all the topic is different dimensions.
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